Living like kings for my last night at Carrie Bow


Tonight is my last night at Carrie Bow for this field season. It’s been a great two weeks and I’ll be sad to leave this tropical paradise. However at least we celebrated the last night in style!

A couple of the other researchers had speared some lionfish over the past few days. In case you don’t already know, lionfish are a huge pest in the Atlantic. They are introduced (from the aquarium trade) and totally decimate local species’ populations. Nothing really eats them because of their poisonous spines.


Anyway, tonight we ate lionfish sashimi with avocado, soy sauce and wasabi. It was delicious! I definitely recommend everyone trying lionfish, particularly because you’re helping the environment when you do.

The lionfish coupled with some Belizean rum and good company really did make for an excellent last evening. 


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