Today Is A Special Day

Today is one of the record books. Write down the date, petition your government for an international holiday, shout from rooftops, tweet all your friends, throw a parade! Why? Because today I caught my 100th mantis shrimp!

Shrimp 100a

Meet mantis shrimp 100. She is a medium sized shrimp at about 30mm long and is obviously quite cute. I found her in a little piece of rubble in a seagrass bed, just off the back of the island. She doesn’t seem overly aggressive because she didn’t try to punch me as I extracted her from the rubble (which makes me like her even more). She also is quite the model, as she sat still whilst I was photographing her. Pity I don’t have a macro lens to get even better photos.

Shrimp 100

Mantis shrimp number 100 is a very special lady stomatopod, so I think we should name her. Any suggestions?

Shrimp 100b


One thought on “Today Is A Special Day

  1. Congrats Manda!! Great milestone. How about “Cienna” (like Sienna, but with a C because cien means 100 in Spanish)?

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