Lysiosquillina lisa

This is a fantastic post by ScubaNomad about a large burrowing mantis shrimp. Includes a great photo and good info. What more could you want?!



Lysiosquillina maculata.  This is a rarer species of Mantis shrimp found only in a small region in the South Pacific from the Andaman Sea to Papua New Guinea.  I found this on a muck dive in the Yasawas in Fiji an area not currently in their reported range but just to the south of it.   It was quite photogenic besides the fact it tried to spear my camera.  I found this down around 18M.  The best distinguishing features for this species are: Bilobed eyes with white spots, raptorial appendage dactyl with 9–10 teeth, unusual reddish brown color.  The colors were quite striking with large transverse reddish brown and cream stripes and antennal scales cream with reddish brown patches in center.   While they are commonly referred to as shrimps they are not actually Decapods but are a separate order, Stomatopoda.  They live in large u-shaped burrows (up to 10…

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